Frequently Asked Questions

To download the F.A.Q. please goto Camp Forms

  • What is the MINIMUM number of people I'm required to bring?

The minimum number of people required for a group in the conference center is 45.  For the Bunkhouse, the minimum is 100.  And the Suites require 50 as a minimum.

  • What is the MAXIMUM number of people I can bring?

The maximum amount of people the conference center can accommodate is 344.  The Bunkhouse has a maximum of 136 people.  And the Suites' maximum is 80.

  • Will my group have a chapel / meeting room?

Yes you will.

  • Will I have to share chapels / meeting rooms with others?

No, your assigned chapel / meeting room will be exclusive to your group.

  • Are there areas shared by other groups?

Unless your group is using Pinecrest exclusively; then recreation areas and dining rooms are shared.

  • Is there a snack bar?  Is it open?

For your convenience vending machines are available 24 hours a day.  Pinecrest has a snack bar which can be made available to large groups with advance notice.

  • Is there a Gift shop

Yes we have a gift shop; open at groups request.

  • I'm staying in the Suites and I have an older child, may I bring him/her?

The Suites are an adults only facility.  There are no children permitted in the Suites.

  • May I bring my nursing infant to the Suites?

Due to insurance regulations no infants walking or crawling are allowed in the suites!

  • Is there a sound system in the chapels?

All of our chapels, with the exception of the Bunkhouse meeting room, are equipped with a sound system.

  • May I bring my R.V. or motorhome to Pinecrest?

Pinecrest has no hook-ups available for R.V.'s or motorhomes.

  • Can we have a campfire?

Subject to US forestry service approval

  • Does Pinecrest have Wi-fi?

We have limited Wi-Fi for your use; in chapels, meeting rooms and dining rooms.

  • Pinecrest does not permit any of the following on our grounds:

Smoking, Alcohol, Firearms, Fireworks, Off-road vehicles, ATV's or Pets!

  • Can I bring a service Animal?

Yes you can; with proper certification for the animal.

  • Can my group sell merchandise?

Only items pertaining to the theme of your groups conference may be sold.

  • Can my group sell food or drinks?


  • What can my group bring?

Bedding, personal care items, bibles, any food or drink that doesn't require refrigeration or heat; No stoves, burners, hot plates, ice chests, coolers or any type of refrigerators.