PineCrest Suites

The Suites are an adult only conference facility and is ideal for men’s, women’s and couples’ retreats. The Suites are made up of several three-story chateaus, some with three bedrooms, other with five bedrooms. Our Lakeside Chapel and dining rooms are included.

Lodges: Redwood, Cedar & Sequoia

PineCrest has three, large, two-story alpine lodges. The lodges have individual rooms that contain one queen bed and four single beds in a bunk-bed configuration. The rooms are carpeted and have their own thermostatically controlled heating. Each room has its own sink, mirror, and electrical outlets. There are two bathrooms centrally located on each floor of the lodge. Pillows, bedding, and towels can be provided by PineCrest for an additional charge.

Guest Speaker Lodges: Acorns 1 & 2 | Gymnasium 1 & 2

For our guest speakers, we offer lodging as well in their own private lodge.

The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse is a conference center wrapped up into one two-story building. Groups that utilize the bunkhouse sleep, and have their meetings in it as well. It is made up of four large sleeping rooms with 34 beds in a bunk bed setup. THe dining hall and meeting room are adjoined to these rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, shower room and sink area. The Bunkhouse will accomodate a maximum of 136 people.

Chapels: Woodside, Lakeside, Hillside

The chapels at PineCrest as set-up to provide your gorup with the essentials for a successful retreat, camp or seminar. Comfortable chairs, a sound system, and an overhead projector are provided in each chapel. The PineCrest (Main) Chapel seats 550 and also has a permanentely installed video projector and DVD player. Woodside Chapel seats 140, Hillside Chapel seats 90, and The Lakeside Chapel (PineCrest Suites) seats 120.

Dining Halls

We serve buffet style. Meals include homemade breads, soups, salad, fruit bar, and dessert. We have two historic dining areas, each accomodating up to 176 individuals. We also have the Lakeside Dining Room (for use by PineCrest Suites) overlooking PineCrest Lake, accomodating up to 120 individuals. The Main Dining Hall accomodates up to 400 individuals.

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